Dallas Dhu Residency

A micro-residency at the historic Dallas Dhu Distillery in Forres was awarded through Historic Environment Scotland. Intentions for the residency were threefold: to experiment with different photographic media, ranging from pinhole to polaroid and analogue photography to 8mm film; to collaborate with Glasgow-based sound engineer and music producer Sam Welch to record site-specific sounds and to incorporate an in-situ spatial installation from materials used in the process of making whisky. Oak staves, which were cut to the length of my foot to represent my presence on site, also represent the numerous unseen footsteps that have passed, and will still pass through the historic site. Pinhole images that were taken of the equipment used in the whisky-making process, were framed in the staves, and left in-situ around the site for visitors to serendipitously discover during the tour. The installation in the barley drying room is on display until the end of March 2019.

Point of View