My work explores the art of being human. 


I graduated from the Moray School of Art at UHI with my BA Honours Fine Art Degree in 2019. As a visual artist I work conceptually, resulting in abstract installations. Underlying psychological and existential themes within my art practice influence the tone of my work. Incorporating analogue and experimental photography into my practice has allowed me to experiment with material and process.


The focus of my creative development is to work responsively to a particular situation or environment, to create site-specific installations. I play with themes relating to being and becoming, which I feel makes my work relatable for the viewer. There is usually also an opportunity for viewer interaction or some participatory activity in my exhibitions.

Through collaboration, sound pieces form an integral part of my work. By adding analogue and digital films to my repertoire, my current focus on multi-media installations is further enriching my creative practice. Since relocating to Glasgow, I continue to develop and expand my practice.